Predictive Maintenance Solution
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Intellitech is a cloud based predictive maintenance system that helps your Company’s assests, vehicles, equipment and other goods to be top shape so that you can maximize their potential. We at Intellitech take pride in our state of the art predective algorithms to provide you the earliest signs of distress.

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What makes Intellitech the best option?

We develop predictive maintenance algorithms to help you do better preventive maintenance. We give you the ease of real-time tracking of all your devices and suggest maintenance schedules. Our models have shown a reduction of up to 50% in maintenance costs and a reduction of 55% in unexpected failures.

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Real time Monitoring & Alerting

One stop for all your asset tracking. Get notifications on all your alerts and much more.

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Insights and Actions

Your data speaks and our algortihms make them stand out. Get insights based on real time data.

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Schedule maintenance cycles, detect or predict failures, know the service levels of the asset.

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Automatic work order/task generation based on predective capabilities.

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Compatible with Any Device

Intellitech can connect to any device or we can use our smart APIs to connect to external devices.

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Plug and Play

Worried about Infrastructure? We’ve got you covered. Our solution is as simple as downloading an app on your smart phone/tablet. We can use your pre-set sensors or you can choose from our list of smart in-house sensors.

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Predictive Maintenance

How it works


Service-level guarantees with up to 99% availability


Maintenance costs reduced by 50%


Operational efficiency up by 20%


Unexpected failures down by 55%.




  • Predictive Maintenance Solutions
  • Industry first solution
  • Real time decision making capabilities


  • Fleet Utilization and Operational optimization
  • Resource Management
  • Real time decision making capabilities


  • Operational Insights
  • Lower costs, Higher output with predictive maintenance
  • Focused, yet flexible across multiple industries


  • Equipment reliability
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution
  • Operational Optimization


  • Maintenance for Heavy Machinery
  • Monitor Your Devices
  • Real time decision making capabilities


  • Validated Environments
  • Monitor Your Devices
  • Real time decision making capabilities


  • Task Management
  • Alert Generation and Tracking
  • Workforce Management

Solving complex problems together

We at Intellitech cater to multiple industries and customise the solution to match your needs. Contact us using the below link and let us know how we can help you.

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