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All the tools and resources needed to save 30%* of your operations cost

Empower your fleet with the true power of Artificial Intelligence.
We give you the tools you need in your business to manage your vehicles remotely, make decisions in real time and reduce costs.

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Discover important insights on your dashboard

Capture rich data from sensors, cameras, and OEM integrations, and centralize all of your operations data on one unified platform.

Predictive analytics

Analytics which helps you improve

Actionable and Predictive analytics which helps you take right decisions on right times, improve your operations.

Powerful platform

One platform to manage complete operations

One platform to manage your people, operations, vehicles and complete lifecycle process.

Manage your conplete "Connected Fleet Operations"

AI and ML at its best

A robust platform, built with intelligence

Capture IoT data to run your operations on one platform

Vehicle Telematics

More than 100 variables, Hybrid, EV or Gasoline

Security based on Video

ADAS and DMS system

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Driver scoring and loyalty program for drivers

Maintenance and Inventory management

Preventive, Corrective and Predictive

Electric vehicle management

SOC, SOE, SOH, Prediction of raange of battery, Charging Status

Support available 24/7

We provide robust support, yes 24 x 7

We are IOT sensor agnostic platform

Easily integrate with multiple sensors to create a complete solution

Temperature, Humid, Movement, Vibration, GPS, Intelligent Lock, Video Camera, Dual Camera, Panic button, Ignition cut off, Satelite terminal and many more.

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