Intellitech Telematics
AI Inventory management

Fleet Utilization and Operational optimization

Transport management companies often face large downtimes due to unforeseen maintenance to their fleet. Intellitech maintenance monitors crucial aspects of your assets. Our solution helps you centralize all the information related to your fleet, including tasks, spare parts, tools, work orders and inspection records. We automate your monitoring needs so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Resource Management

Take control over your maintenance spend by managing internal and external labor allocation and workloads as well as spare parts assigned to a specific maintenance job. Set up equipment/ job maintenance budgets and compare your planned vs. actual maintenance spend, enabling you to make better and more informed decisions with
regarding to your overall maintenance budget. Our predictive algorithms helps you reduce your downtimes. Our solutions identify problems, analyze them and issue alerts if required in the quickest possible way.

We not only connect to your assets easily but also offer a host of our in-house sensors which provide interesting analytics to work better.

Real time decision making capabilities

Intellitech offers a platform to analyze your data and our reports are custom built to suit your needs. Track your assets, make decisions based on the insights we produce. Task management is an add-on and with a push of button, get the issue addressed. Maintenance of your equipment has never been this simple!


Intellitech saves data of your locations, spares, buildings, plants tools and other digital assets.

Intellitech offers unique solutions to customize your needs, if you don’t find it on our solution then we will build one just for you.

Intelligent alert system offers you the ease of mobile as well as an integrated full scale solution. Find our solution on both Google Play Store and the App Store.

Intellitech offers built in dashboards and customizable reports to keep you informed throughout the process.

Intellitech can not only connect to your machines but also offers an easy to plug-in smart sensors.

Intellitech converts all your paper based transactions into digital, easy on your pocket and great on the environment.

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