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    Operational Insights

    Companies within the energy sector need operational oversight in order to maintain their assets in top shape. Intellitech provides a smartsolution by automating your maintenance needs. We not only let you know when a maintenance is due but we can predict unscheduled maintenance. Our solution helps you centralize all the information related to your assets, spare parts, tools, work orders and inspection records. We automate your monitoring needs so you can concentrate on what you do best.

    Lower costs, Higher output with predictive maintenance

    Intellitech offers a platform to analyze your data and our reports are custom built to suit your needs. Our predictive algorithms not only automate your maintenance schedules but predict a failure so that youcan maximise your assest allocation. Our solutions have shown reduction of upto 50% in maintenance costs.

    Focused, yet flexible across multiple industries

    We are working with several key companies in the energy sector acrossthe world. Yet we can adapt our expertise to serve new industries and their unique production assets or adapt to their environments. Track your assets, make decisions based on the insights we produce. Task management is an add-on and with a push of button, get the issue addressed. Maintenance of your equipment has never been this simple!


    Intellitech saves data of your locations, spares, buildings, plants, tools and other digital assets

    Intellitech offers unique solutions to customize your needs, if youdon’t find it on our solution then we will build one just for you.

    Intellitech alert system offers you the ease of mobile as well as an integrated full scale solution. Find our solution on both GooglePlay Store and the App Store.

    Intellitech offers built in dashboards and customizable reports to keep you informed throughout the process.

    Intellitech can not only connect to your machines but also offers an easy to plug-in smart sensors.

    Intellitech converts all your paper based transactions into digital,easy on your pocket and great on the environment.

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