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    Maintenance for Heavy Machinery

    Construction companies have a host of heavy equipment and downtime for any one of them will mean delays and overhead costs. On top of it, the machines endure an extreme level of abuse due to thenature of work. This makes it important to not only carry out regular maintenance but also predicts unwanted downtimes. We have a host of features to suit your needs.

    Monitor Your Devices

    Intellitech offers a platform to monitor all your equipments in one place. Our platform will indicate the maintainance needs and ensure the right team is contacted for the required maintainance. You can stilldo manual alert generation and assign it to the team worker. Our predictive algorithms can be tuned to alert you when the next maintenance should be scheduled and help you remind your vendors when they need one!

    Real time decision making capabilities

    Intellitech offers platform to analyze your data and our reports are custom built to suit your needs. Track your assets, make decisions based on the insights we produce. Task management is an add-on and with a push of button, get the issue addressed. Maintenance of your equipments has never been this simple!


    Intellitech saves data of your locations, spares, buildings, plants, tools and other digital assets.

    Intellitech offers unique solutions to customize your needs, if you don’t find it on our solution then we will build one just for you.

    Intellitech alert system offers you the ease of mobile as well as an integrated full scale solution. Find our solution on both GooglePlay Store and the App Store.

    Intellitech offers built in dashboards and customizable reports to keep you informed throughout the process.

    Intellitech can not only connect to your machines but also offers an easy to plug-in smart sensors.

    Intellitech converts all your paper based transactions into digital,easy on your pocket and great on the environment.

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