Analyze and visualize the environmental impact of your fleet and take the right measures to reduce it.

Empowering your Fleet, Inventory and Drivers

Intellitech is a cloud based predictive analytics system that helps your Company’s assets and vehicles to be top shape so that you can maximize their potential. We at Intellitech take pride in our state of the art predictive algorithms to provide you the earliest signs of distress.

What makes Intellitech the best option?

Intellitech is a technology focused data driven product providing end-to-end connected mobility product to your business to better manage your remote assets, vehicles, personnel and Inventory.

We provide enterprise grade predictive analytics product powered by state of the art IoT platform

Our algorithms have shown a reduction of up to 50% in maintenance costs and a reduction of 55% in unexpected failures.

Our platform is Vehicle Agnostic

Our platform Supports EV Vehicles too..!!!!!

We support all type of vehicles like Buses, Trucks, Buses, Construction heavy machinery, Agricultural Equipment’s, Cars and so on.

Our algorithms have shown a reduction of up to 50% in maintenance costs and a reduction of 55% in unexpected failures.

Our platform is Device/Sensor Agnostic

Our platform works with a variety of Simple GPS and OBD2 devices (European, American or Asian made)

Hexadecimal, https, MQTT, NB IOT protocols are supported

Plug and Play


Reduce fleet CO2 emissions And Fuel Costs

Fuel and Emissions Management

Engines aren’t the only polluters. Brake wear, for example, produces harmful particles known as PM10 and PM2.5 that are thought to cause acute respiratory infections and cancer. Monitoring equipment by connecting it Intellitech helps to limit pollution. Drivers with access to truck diagnostics are more aware and look after their vehicles better – making greater use of engine braking, for instance. And fleet managers can compare vehicle condition with CO2 emissions, in order to adapt maintenance intervals if necessary


Warehouse & Inventory management

  1. Predictive Analysis
  2. Comprehensive management with multiple roles and levels
  3. Connected to maintenance cycle
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Driver Behaviour

  1. Driver Behaviour Analysis
  2. Monitor, analyze and optimize your drivers driving patterns
  3. Improve their driving performance, efficiency and safety
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Predictive Maintenance

  1. Predict Failures
  2. OBD & Can Data (DTC Error codes)
  3. Clutch, Brakes, Engine Battery failure prediction
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Fuel Monitoring

  1. Refuel detection and measurement
  2. Pilferage detection
  3. Fuel consumption analysis
  4. Adblue level monitoring
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Fleet Tracking

  • Realtime location tracking
  • Accurate GPS odometer and hourmeter calculation
  • Geofence reports
  • Alerts & Notifications
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Seamlessly integrate with your ERP and IT

  1. Connect to SAP
  2. APIs to connect to our system
  3. Data sharing across platforms
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Predictive Maintenance

How it works


Service-level guarantees with up to 99% availability


Maintenance costs reduced by 50%


Operational efficiency up by 20%


Unexpected failures down by 55%.


Reduce your Operational Expenditure

Prevent Consequential Damages

Improve your Fleet visibility

Analyze your Fleet Performance

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